Visitor Info

Brookside Multicare Limited Visitation Plan

February 26th, 2021

Dear resident, family member and or designated representative:

This newsletter is to inform you of the most recent guidelines issued by NYSDOH in regards to visitation. In addition to our opening guidance for limited visitation below the facility requires that all visitors receive a negative Covid -19 test 72 hours prior to visitation, the facility may opt to rapid test the visitors at the entrance based upon the rolling positivity average. All visitation will be by appointment only. Brookside Multicare will begin accepting appointments beginning Monday March 1st 2021. To schedule your appointment for visitation please contact 631-724-2200 extension 277.

1. Limited visitation between our residents and their loved ones will be conducted through a variety of means. Visitation can take place in resident rooms (when applicable), dedicated visitation spaces and outdoors (weather permitting). Each resident is individual and the appropriate area for visitation will be discussed during the appointment process.

2. Virtual visitation, face time and window visits will still be conducted.

3. Visits will be under the supervision of a staff member when applicable.

4. No more than 20 percent of the resident census will have visitors at one time, the number of visitors and allotted time for visitation will be limited in order to provide all residents the opportunity to visit with their loved ones.

5. Visits will be arranged for 20-minute intervals and set up with at least 30 minutes between visits to allow for proper infection control cleaning post visitation. Visits will be arranged by the Director of Social Services / designee and monitored by staff.

6. Visiting hours will be available, by appointment only, from 11 AM through 4 PM 7 days a week (but not during meal times). With regard to special circumstances and with the approval of Administration, hours allotted for visitation may be extended or altered.

7. There will be no touching of residents permitted by visitors. Appropriate infection control, safety and appropriate social distancing must be adhered to.

8. All visitors will arrive at the designated entrance for COVID-19 screening, which includes appropriate visitor sign in information, temperature check and appropriate responses to COVID -19 questionnaire.

9. Visitors must present a negative Covid-19 test with in 72 hours of visitation

10. All visitors must wear a mask at all times that covers the nose and mouth, eye protection is strongly encouraged i.e.: glasses or face shield.

11. No more than 2 visitors per resident, visitors under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult 18 years of age or older.

12. Once the COVID-19 screening process is completed and the visitor is approved for visitation, the visitor will receive a bracelet that signifies they have passed the COVID-19 screening protocol and may proceed to the designated area for visitation.

13. Designated areas for indoor visitation include the Friendship and Stardust lounge which will host a maximum of 2 visitors at a time in order to safely ensure appropriate social distancing and adherence to infection control protocols. Designated visitation area located at the Broadway entrance behind reception, which can safely accommodate a maximum occupancy of 2 persons in order to ensure appropriate social distancing and adherence to infection control protocols. Designated outdoor areas for visitation, weather permitting will include a 12×12 tented area located by the main entrance of the facility. This area can safely accommodate 2 visitors in order to ensure appropriate social distancing and adherence to infection control protocols.

14. Staff will verify, via the bracelet that the visitor has passed the COVID-19screening process and will be allowed entry into the designated visitation area.

15. If the visitors fail to meet the criteria, they will not be able to visit at that time. If they do not follow the rules established for visitation, including appropriate social distancing they will not be permitted to visit for the remainder of the Covid-19 emergency period.

16. Hand sanitizer will be available for visitors and residents as well as appropriate PPE and face coverings.

17. Updates will be posted as needed.