IV Therapy

IV Therapy, PICC and Central Lines

It’s not unusual for patients and residents of Brookside Multicare Nursing Center to require IV therapy as a part of their overall treatment and medical care. IV therapy patients can be any age and may be dealing with any number of conditions, diseases, or illnesses. Infusions via IV may include (but are not limited to):

  • Fluids or electrolytes to diminish dehydration.
  • High dose antibiotics.
  • Essential nutrient.
  • Blood transfusions.
  • Chemotherapy.
  • Other medications that may be more efficiently administered through the bloodstream.

The professional and compassionate nursing team at Brookside is trained to provide IV therapy via both PICC—a catheter inserted directly into a peripheral vein, such as in a hand, arm, wrist, or leg—or via a central line in the torso. (Sometimes referred to as a port, this is a less common method and one that must be performed by a doctor).

There are many benefits to having IV therapies administered as part of a stay at the Center:

  • IV therapy is often a part of “step-down” program. Prescribed to aid in the recovery of a more severe illness, it does not need to be administered in a hospital setting.
  • Patients can avoid additional trips to a hospital for such treatment and instead remain in the facility they know and are used to.
  • By avoiding unnecessary hospital trips, patients are also avoiding an often chaotic, frenzied environment.
  • IV therapies are mixed in the facility’s dedicated pharmacy; errors in measuring and mixing are less likely to occur.
  • Staff is always available to assist in the monitoring of IV infusions.

Perhaps the most significant benefit, though, of Brookside Multicare Nursing Center’s ability to provide IV therapy to its patients and residents is that the IV therapy can be worked into an overall treatment plan. At Brookside, treatment plans are individualized per each patient’s particular needs, and patients can partake in IV therapy in the same location where they are receiving intensive physical, occupational, and speech therapies.

Furthermore, Brookside’s beautiful natural environment and numerous amenities make all short- and long-term stays comfortable and pleasant for all, ideal for helping individuals get back on their feet and into their homes.

For more information about Brookside Multicare Nursing Center’s IV Therapy programs, please contact us.